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Re: [hylafax-users] Pagechop does not chop pages

Thank you Lee. You are right, the faxes get send out via "c2faxsend", the CAPI replacement for sendfax. Strangely, sending out a TIFF file (smaller than A4) directly via c2faxsend, the receivers fax get this chopped, as I want this. But as c2faxsend does not support PDF directly, this does not help me very much.

I have located the issue within the pdf2fax script. This converts my original pdf document into a TIF file using Ghostscript. That script creates automatically an A4 page. Changing the page length (from 297mm to i.e. 148mm -> half A4 page) in the script results in an error, as Ghostscript seems to want a defined paper format like A4 or A3.

Is there any way to convert my PDF documents into TIFF files Hylafax and c2faxsend can work with, without limitations to page size? Alternatively, is there a converter available which is able to create TIFF files out of a PHP script (including images and text)?

BTW, in the meantime I have upgraded to Ubuntu 5.10 (Breezy) and HylaFAX 4.2.5, but this doesn't changed anything.

Thank you for your help,

Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am 04.03.06 19:54:44:
> > 
> Pagechopping is done by faxsend, and as CAPI4HylaFAX replaces faxsend 
> with its own utility, the feature would need to be implemented in 
> whatever part of CAPI4HylaFAX images the tagline, etc.
> Lee.
> christian79@xxxxxxxx wrote:
> >I am using HylaFAX for several months now on my Ubuntu 5.04 (Hoary) Linux server with AVM Fritz ISDN card (via CAPI4HYLAFAX). So far I am happy with it, as it runs stable.
> >
> >But there is an issue I cannot get to a solution for it: For outgoing faxes I want to chop all pages, so that the receiving fax machine only prints out the filled part of the paper, not the complete DIN A4 page if there are whitespaces. 
> >  
> >

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