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Re: [hylafax-users] faxmail, PDF, Postscript: pagelength question

>>> Rance Hall <rhall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 3/9/2006 4:37:10 PM >>>
Mark Gillingham wrote:
> I have configured Postfix to use faxmail with Rober McIntosh's filter.pl and pdf scripts. My current problem is getting what I think is A4 pagelength when I want us-let. In Chicago, nearly everyone uses us-let paper :)
> Within these scripts, Postscript is configured to call mailfax and mailfax calls faxmail. Within faxmail, it appears that I could set the size of my page:
> /usr/bin/faxmail -s letter -n -d "${USER}@${FAXNO}" ${SENDER}
> However, changing the -s parameter appears to do nothing in my tests.  It's as if this script is being ignored and yet, I see it being called from master.cf. 
> Perhaps there is not a better way to do this or one of you see what I'm missing. Thanks.
> Mark
> __for faxes, the USLetter, USLegal, and A4 page formats all have the same 
WIDTH which is what is being negotiated by the fax machines,  its a 
common question that is confusing, but in most cases the logs say A4, 
but the faxes are letter, legal or whatever they really are supposed to 
be length wise.

In general though, its nothing to worry about.

In my case, it is something to worry about because each "page" prints on 2 sheets of paper at the fax machine. It appears to be printing at an A4 length. The page fills the first sheet and then a little more on the next sheet. As you and Lee have both politely said, the width is the same. 


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