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Re: [hylafax-users] multiport modem and user based grouping

Aidan Van Dyk wrote:

This patch slightly changes the format of the destcontrols file (with
the thought that this could grow into a jobcontrol file, or such,
possibly with a backwards compatible destcontrols parser ).  The file
format is:
	[dest=<dest regex>] [owner=<owner_regex>] [client=<client_regex>] action=...

So, basically, instead of just the single "destination regex", you can
specify regex for other input fields, somehting like:
	dest=911                        RejectNotice="No 911"
	owner=aidan client=ifax         RejectNotice=reject-aidan-remote
	owner=aidan client=localhost    RejectNotice=reject-aidan-LOCAL
	dest=+1215 client=localhost	Modem=localgroup

I have a few concerns with the format of this file.  I don't really like
the "overloading" of both input fields and output fields with the =
sign.  A possible format could be a white-space separated file:
	<dest_regex>	<owner_regex>	<client_regex>	<action1>	[ [<action2] ... ]
but this doesn't lead to a very extendable format, and makes adding (or
removing) fields problematic.

Thoughts, comments?

DestControls, like QualifyCID, is awkward to begin with, and I'm almost of an opinion that it would be better abandoned than extended.

We seem to really like the DynamicConfig approach, and I think that it would be a very sexy feature to replace DestControls with a JobControls that worked more like DynamicConfig; supply JobControls with an array of data from sendq (perhaps like we do in FaxNotify), and then let us read JobControls script output to adjust job properties just like we do (kind-of) with DynamicConfig.

Then not only do we have a fully extendable job-control mechanism that is able to use any sendq item, but it can use any other of a myriad of things (like looking into a SQL database, for example, for someone that wants to keep all of the configurable HylaFAX data in such a way) to accomplish the same task. Not only would we have a better-than-DestControls feature, but we have a darn useful hook to boot.


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