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Re: [hylafax-users] Bulk faxing with coverpages

Okay, the whole town will probably hate me for this in the morning but since my bosses are too cheap to spring for HylaFSP at everyone's desk I have found these solutions work.
1. Follow the directions on the HylaFAX site to create your own cover page. I brought up the nice looking Windows Fax coversheet on my XP box and printed it to a PS file, upload it to my HylaFAX box and then following the directions on the HylaFAX site, made a coversheet that works perfect. It wasn't easy but I eventually got the logo that I wanted on this coversheet too. Using this method you could command line send multiple faxes with the coversheet.
2. This one is a bit of a reach but I found that by loading the fax printer in Windows and printing your job to this device will get you to a place in the fax printing stage where you can preview the fax. Here is where I just use the print feature of the Windows f ax previewer to send the job to HylaFAX using WinPrintHylaFAX. Like I said, my bosses are too cheap to spring for a client like HylaFSP which is an excellent HylaFAX client. But this method produces the same results. (Sorry Derrick. I did buy one copy of HylaFSP for my machine at home from you. But since I upgraded to a new computer and HylaFSP only works on a computer with the exact NETBIOS name I can't use it anymore, so I cooked up this workaround) I get a fax with a nice coversheet with all the fields filled in properly. In your case, you could save the job to a PS, PDF or tiff file, upload it to your HylaFAX server and then using the command line, bulk send it out to loads of recepients. The coverpage may not be exactly as you'd want, ie the recepients name might be left blank or use "Dear Valued Customer...", etc...

Paul Smith <paul@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've been using two hylafax installations since last November. Aside
from a hardware change and a user error they've been awesome.

Now, I need to send an identical fax to around 100 numbers. I
understand I can use "sendfax -z numlist.txt" but I'd like to use the
same coverpage I've been using with XP/2000 & HylaFSP. The coverpages
are created on the client before hylafax sees them, so I'm not sure how
I'm going to go about doing this.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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