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Re: [hylafax-users] Generating a Caller-ID only log file

spam22bait@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

As I understand things now, the "QualifyCID-Ex" idea and patch has been scuttled and a healthy debate resulted in a better solution. This is good. I think I understand that in the new solution DynamicConfig gets called for *every* incoming call prior to the time it may or may not be answered, and that it is still passed the same arguments as before.

This is all correct.

The script must print "ACCEPT\n" or "REJECT\n" to stdout to tell HylaFAX whether or not to answer the call.

That changed. It's "RejectCall: true" or "RejectCall: false".

What happens if it prints neither?

The call will get answered.

Can it still alter configuration parameters the way it could before?


If so, does it matter where in the list of output lines the accept/reject line appears?


Does the exit code have any meaning to HylaFAX?


This new solution brings a few of additional questions to mind:

Is a new-style DynamicConfig script an appropriate place to launch an entirely different program to handle the call in a different way (eg. data or voice app)?

As I don't do any of this I can't say for certain, but I would suggest no. If you want to have a fax/voice/data solution together using one modem, then faxgetty is going to need to answer and then pass it off to some other program.

Is it kosher for a DynamicConfig script to alter the CallIDPattern parameter values themselves?

You could do it, but it won't have an effect until the next call on that modem.

Finally, Lee, I note your latest patch (hylafax.org-dynamicconfig-reject.patch) was applied against a version of faxGettyApp.c++ dated March 15th as opposed to your first patch (hylafax-qualifycidex.patch) which was applied against a March 13th version. If you feel you've nailed down the changes for this new DynamicConfig solution, a single patch file that could be applied against the official v4.2.5 source distribution would be great - read "I'd love to apply it and try it out" :-)

I use, work with, and develop on the HylaFAX source code found at http://hylafax.sourceforge.net. So the original patches I was sending out were based on that repository of code. As soon as I have anything useful I commit it there. So I was making commits at the same time as I was sending out patches. The last patch I sent around was aimed at being applicable to the code repository at hylafax.org... and so that's why you see the date differences.

In any case, the work has now been committed to both CVS repositories.


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