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[hylafax-users] distinctive ring setup

I've been running hylafax successfully on a single line.  I now need to change it to use a distinctive ring line.  I've read a number of items on this, but am not being successful in getting it to work.  My hylafax machine currently wants to answer all calls, regardless of whether on the first ring or the distinctive ring.

I'm running an up to date version of Arch Linux.  I've tried this using 2 different external modems; an older USRoboticc 56K (forget the model number) and a Zoom Model 3049L.  According to the manuals, both are capable of using distinctive ring.

I understand I need to put the RingFax:  RING2 into config.ttyS0 (where the modem is); I just put it at the bottom of the setup parameters at the top of the file.  Not clear to me if quotation marks are needed, and at the moment don't remember if I tried it with.  I know I tried without.

If I understand it right, I also need to send an AT command to the modem to enable the distinctive ring feature.  I've not been able to figure out where to put that; I've tried it in various places in the config.ttyS0 file without success.

My assumption is that I'm simply not putting something in the right place.  Any assistance is appreciated.

(Oddly enough, I thought I had it working at one point; I tested thru call ins and they were answered correctly.  I had to reboot the machine, and viola, the fax went back to answering every call.  Not sure what that was about, nothing in configuration changed.)

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