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Re: [hylafax-users] Adaptive answer, MT5634ZBA-V92 (was Receive problems with MT2834ZDX modems)

Bill Campbell wrote:

I received the MT5634ZBA-V92 yesterday, and have spent the better part of
two days trying to figure out how to get it to work with adaptive answer as
it needs to accept data calls as well as faxes.

The only thing I've found that gets data calls to work is to use
``ModemSetupAACmd: AT%A1+FAA=1'' which causes HylaFAX to hand data
connections off to getty properly. Unfortunately fax calls then fail. If
I leave out ModemSetupAACmd, faxes are handled properly, but data calls
fail. I have tried various combinations of ModemAnswerCmd,
ModemAnswerDataCmd, and ModemAnswerFaxCmd with no success.

I've used the MT5634ZBA-V92 for data, voice, and fax... and it worked well in all of those, but I've never used it with all of those on the same line and modem with adaptive answer.

You *are* going to need to use ModemSetupAACmd to get things to work... or at least you're going to need to minimally put AT+FAA=1 somewhere in the initialization sequence.

After setting "ModemSetupAACmd: AT+FAA=1" what does a fax call session log look like that fails?

ModemAnswerDataCmd and ModemAnswerFaxCmd are used in conjuntion with AdaptiveAnswer and AnswerRotary and DistinctiveRings, and I don't think you want AdaptiveAnswer/AnswerRotary. (Don't confuse AdaptiveAnswer+AnswerRotary with ModemSetupAACmd - the first is an adaptive answering mechanism performed by faxgetty answering the calls in different ways and the second is an adaptive answering mechanism performed by the modem listening to the call and trying to determine the call type from the audio.) I've never used AnswerRotary, but the idea behind it is that as calls come in (perhaps just failed ones) faxgetty will rotate through the rotary with different ways to answer the call. Therefore if, for some reason, a call fails to negotiate it will rotate to the next AnswerCmd and perhaps that will allow the answer to be successful.

As for DistinctiveRings, you say below that you have distinctive ring support, so...

I've tried Class1RecvIdentTimer, AdaptiveAnswer, and AnswerRotary, but
these never handed data calls off to getty.

All of these are part of the faxgetty adaptive answering with rotary approach, and I don't think that these are what you want. I think that you want modem-based adaptive answering.

We have distinctive lines with two phone numbers coming into the fax modem
so I tried DistinctiveRings, with DRingOn and DRingOff, which would come up
with things like ``WFR: received cadence 20, 0, 0, 0, 0'', ``ANSWER: Ring
detected without successful handshake'' even though I had DistintiveRings
``D-20,F-8'' which I think should have been a data call.

I suspect that you can use ModemSetupAACmd in conjuction with DistinctiveRings, but I don't think that you would want to. If you have DistinctiveRing support then certainly it's what you want to use instead of anything else.


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