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Re: [hylafax-users] Adaptive answer, MT5634ZBA-V92 (was Receive problems with MT2834ZDX modems)

On Tue, Mar 21, 2006, Lee Howard wrote:
>Bill Campbell wrote:
>>Using kermit I see the following response
>Bingo.  Exactly what I thought.  "FAX" does not (unlike some other 
>modems) signal to the fax application that it is time for the 
>application to start sending data.   HylaFAX needs to wait for the 
>CONNECT message.  In your modem config file set:
> ModemWaitForConnect: yes

That did it!  Now the faxes come in and data calls do what
they're supposed to as well.

Thanks for all your help Lee.  While I've been working with fax
modems since beta testing Stuart Lynne's Unifax many years ago,
I've never dug into the details of the modem commands.

Here's my config.ttyS0 file (which has debugging set fairly high):

# start of config.ttyS0
CountryCode:		1
AreaCode:		206
FAXNumber:		+1.206.555.5555
LongDistancePrefix:	1
InternationalPrefix:	011
DialStringRules:	etc/dialrules

ServerTracing:		32783

SessionTracing:		32911
RecvFileMode:		0600
LogFileMode:		0600

DeviceMode:		0600
RingsBeforeAnswer:	1
SpeakerVolume:		medium

# Note: the vt100 is absolutely required with SuSE's /sbin/getty
# or it ungracefully segfaults.  It's also necessary to have the
# appropriate dx_speed entries in /etc/gettydefs or getty dies
# giving no hint as to why.
GettyArgs:		"-h %l dx_%s vt100"

LocalIdentifier:	"(206) 555-5555"
TagLineFont:		etc/lutRS18.pcf
TagLineFormat:		"From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T"
MaxRecvPages:		25

# I was playing with distinctive ring.  This turns it off.
ModemReadyCmds:	AT+VDR=0,0 

# AT+FAA=1 isn't sufficient with the current MT5634ZBA-V92.
ModemSetupAACmd:		AT%A1+FAA=1		
ModemWaitForConnect:	yes

ModemType:		Class1.0	
ModemRate:		57600		
ModemFlowControl:	rtscts		
Class1EnableV34Cmd:	AT+F34=14,1,2	
Class1TMConnectDelay:	400		

# this isn't working yet.
ModemResetCmds:	AT+VCID=1
CallIDPattern:	"NMBR="
CallIDPattern:	"NAME="
# end of config.ttyS0

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