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Re: [hylafax-users] How to change the # of rings before pickup

Am Donnerstag, 23. März 2006 05:20 schrieb Charlie Chaklam:
> hi,
>  i have a home bussiness and in the day i receive faxes on my fax machine
> in the day and also voice calls and at night i chage the number of rings on
> the hyla server to 1 so it can catch the faxes at night, i was wondering if
> it would be possible to attomaticlly cange the number on rings at night for
> example:  at 12:00 in the night it becomes to 1 ring before pickup and in
> the morning at 8:40 Am it becomes 6 rings, so i can pick it up.
>  i know it sounds cheap and why not get an other like, but i am on the farm
> and my telco charges me alot of bucks for hauling an other line.
>  thanks
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Hi Charlie,

as far as I know hylafax itself does not support this feature but
you could create a little script, that changes the config-file
and restarts the hylafax server, controlled by cron:
create a config.ttyS??.night with a line RingsBeforeAnswer: 1 
and a config.ttyS??.day with a line RingsBeforeAnswer: 6

e.g.: night.sh
cd /etc/hylafax
cp config.ttyS??.night config.ttyS??
/etc/init.d/hylafax restart

e.g. day.sh
cd /etc/hylafax
cp config.ttyS??.day config.ttyS??
/etc/init.d/hylafax restart

hope that helps
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