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[hylafax-users] faxsetup -with-DIR_SPOOL

 tried both of these command lines. Should I be able to change the “Directory for spooling” with this option? Am I doing something wrong?


/usr/local/sbin/faxsetup -with-DIR_SPOOL="/u/faxes"

/usr/local/sbin/faxsetup -with-SPOOL="/u/faxes"


The spooling directory is not changed when I get here:


HylaFAX configuration parameters (part 1 of 2) are:


[ 1] Directory for applications:        /usr/local/bin

[ 2] Directory for lib data files:      /usr/local/lib/fax

[ 3] Directory for lib executables:     /usr/local/sbin

[ 4] Directory for system apps:         /usr/local/sbin

[ 5] Directory for manual pages:        /usr/local/man

[ 6] Directory for spooling:            /var/spool/hylafax

[ 7] Directory for uucp lock files:     /var/lock

[ 8] Uucp lock file scheme:             ascii

[ 9] PostScript imager package:         gs

[10] PostScript imager program:         /usr/local/bin/gs

[11] Manual page installation scheme:   bsd-source-cat

[12] Default page size:                 North American Letter

[13] Default vertical res (lpi):        98


Are these ok [yes]? n

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