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[hylafax-users] R: faxrcvd customization.

Ok ... I never said Hylafax is in a "chrooted jail", rather I need
information regarding situation below:
Marco Meli wrote:
> Hi All,
> I would ask you what I have to change in "/bin/faxrcvd.custom" if I 
> want that fax already forwarded to the users because compliant with 
> "FaxDispatch" rules are not sent to a repository dir /fax.
> ...
> if [ -f etc/FaxDispatch ]; then
>     . etc/FaxDispatch           # NB: FaxDispatch sets SENDTO
> Fi
> ...
> if [ -f $FILE ]; then
>         MYPATH=/fax/
>         cp $FILE $MYPATH/${MYFILENAME}.tif
>         chmod 777 $MYPATH/${MYFILENAME}.tif
> fi
I don't want to write anything in Faxdispatch files except the SENDTO rules,
rather I thought to change something in the faxrcvd.custom file above, but
I'm not a script expert.

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Da: Darren Nickerson [mailto:darren.nickerson@xxxxxxxx] 
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A: Darrick Hartman; Marco Meli
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Oggetto: Re: [hylafax-users] faxrcvd customization.

"Darrick Hartman" <dhartman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> This will not work because your MYPATH is outside of the hylafax directory

> structure.  Hylafax can only write to directories inside 
> /var/spool/hylafax (or where ever your distro uses).  If you want to move 
> files outside of that area, you could do so with a cron script. Hylafax 
> cannot do this directly for for security reasons.

Actually, HylaFAX doesn't have any problem writing to directories outside of

its spool directory. It's not actually in a chrooted jail, it's just that 
the paths are all relative to the chroot.

Understand though, that HylaFAX usually executes with UID = uucp, which 
means that if you _do_ copy files into (for instance) /usr/local/myfaxfiles 
using some custom code in FaxDispatch, then the uucp user needs the correct 
UNIX filesystem permissions to be able to write into that directory.


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