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[hylafax-users] iaxmodem & hylafax, call is not answered?

Hi list!

I'm trying to setup iaxmodem and hylafax, both for the first time.

I downloaded iaxmodem and installed it according to the instructions. I guess iaxmodem is setup correctly because I see it registering the extensions at the server.

I installed hylafax 4.25 from rpm, used the (modified) example modem script with iaxmodem and copied it to /var/spool/hylafax/etc

Then I first started iaxmodem, then i run 'faxgetty ttyIAX' from the commandline. In my /var/log/messages I can see that faxgetty found ttyIAX because of the iaxmodem specific stuff.

However on an incoming call I get this in my /varlog/iaxmodem/ttyIAX0 :

[2006-05-23 13:54:08] Registration completed successfully.
[2006-05-23 13:54:11] Unable to pass the full buffer onto the device file. 2015 bytes of 2052 written: Invalid argument
[2006-05-23 13:54:11] Unable to pass the full buffer onto the device file. -1 bytes of 4026 written: Resource temporarily unavailable
etc. etc. etc.

What did I miss? I did not put faxgetty in inittab yet neither did I do any further configuration on inbound / outbound faxing.

These are my configs :

device          /dev/ttyIAX
owner           uucp:uucp
mode            660
port            4570
refresh         300
peername        201
secret          1234
cidname         Fax1
cidnumber       00000000000
codec           alaw

device          /dev/ttyIAX
owner           uucp:uucp
mode            660
port            4571
refresh         300
peername        202
secret          1234
cidname         Fax2
cidnumber       0000000000
codec           alaw

/var/spool/hylafax/etc/config.ttyIAX DialStringRules: etc/dialrules.europe ServerTracing: 0xFFF SessionTracing: 0xFFF RecvFileMode: 0600 LogFileMode: 0600 DeviceMode: 0600 RingsBeforeAnswer: 1 SpeakerVolume: off GettyArgs: "-h %l dx_%s" LocalIdentifier: "IAXmodem" TagLineFont: etc/lutRS18.pcf TagLineFormat: "From %%l|%c|Page %%P of %%T" MaxRecvPages: 200

ModemType: Class1 # use this to supply a hint

ModemResetCmds:         "ATH1\nAT+VCID=1"       # enables CallID display
ModemReadyCmds:         ATH0

Class1AdaptRecvCmd: AT+FAR=1
Class1TMConnectDelay: 400 # counteract quick CONNECT response
Class1RMQueryCmd: "!24,48,72,96" # V.17 fast-train recv doesn't work well

CallIDPattern:          "NMBR="
CallIDPattern:          "NAME="
CallIDPattern:          "ANID="
CallIDPattern:          "NDID="

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