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Re: [hylafax-users] Fedora Core 5 RPM

"Dimitrios" <sehh@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Here is how i think it works:

Hylafax is open source, but its beign developed by a specific company.

Actually that's not correct. While one company does support the infrastructure that hylafax.org runs on, it is and always has been a true open source project, with democratic governing principles and a public development process. You may not know that early HylaFAX development was done by one person - Sam Leffler. The hylafax.org site was in fact the original transition from an ivory tower (Cathedral) model to the Bazaar model which we all greatly prefer. The bug tracker, CVS repository, and even these very mailing lists were formed years ago by some of the people who are still around today, and have been used by a great many people to contribute to HylaFAX. It's thanks to this public development process that HylaFAX is what it is today, a fantastic, modern and relevant piece of fax software.

These nice people understand the way open source projects work (The
Cathedral and the Bazaar sort of way) thus, instead of having the entire
 project within their own business, they keep it on sourceforge.

The sourceforge project is a fork of HylaFAX started by a developer who got frustrated with the democratic process at HylaFAX.org. Is is (as far as I know) an autocratic 'benevolent dictator' model where one person calls the shots - which is entirely different than hylafax.org, where we develop by concensus and all opinons are welcomed, and contentious decisions are made by the majority. It's a fundamentally different approach. While I firmly believe that the sourceforge site should have been named differently to prevent confusing people (and most importantly to make it clear that it's not the same group of people), I think that whenever and wherever HylaFAX development is being done, it's a good thing. You'll notice that work that iFAX and others contribute to hylafax.org makes its way into the sourceforge version, and the reverse is also true, we at hylafax.org select some of the sourceforge work and integrate it into releases such as 4.3.0 that we recently produced.

Thus, the code on sourceforge is publicly available and adopts patches,
updates and new code very fast. While the release on the hylafax.org site
 is supported by the company for their clients and doesn't get the public
 patches etc. Thus making it more "supportable" (if there is such a word)
by their business towards their clients.

This could not be farther from the truth. iFAX does have a version of HylaFAX that we maintain internally. We gave it a different name to avoid confusion, and it actually is VERY conservative. We do like our customers to use it whenever possible, because it does make supporting it a little easier. But we base our conservative version on top of whatever the current open source release is, so we are also SIGNIFICANT contributors to the open source version of HylaFAX. Whenever we discover a bug, we contribute the fix - there are countless examples in the hylafax.org bugzilla. We also add new features to open source HylaFAX - an iFAX developer was one of the principal authors of the new JobControl feature we're all so excited about in 4.3.0, and we worked very hard to improve the stability of batching. Just to be clear, iFAX pays people to work on open source HylaFAX ... we are actively funding the development of the version of HylaFAX that many of you are downloading and using on a daily basis. You'll see a lot of our work appear at sourceforge as well, ... that's because everyone benefits from open development.

I hope this helps clear up some of the confusion!


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