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Re: [hylafax-users] msg led blinks [US Robotics]

nandelbosc@xxxxxxxx wrote:

I have a 3com US Robotics message Fax-Modem, with hylafax server 4.3.0

Sometimes, when  power off the computer and arribe a fax the modem remains
blocked... the "msg" led blinks, this means the modem have message in
memory. Until I get this messages, the modem remains blocked an i don't
receive faxes.

Time ago, when I use windows, i have an application with an option to
recuperate the messages in memory.

It's possible with hylafax? With a client? what client?

I don't have any hands-on experience with these message-taking fax modems, but the last ones that I heard about would "RING" the faxgetty after faxgetty started up, and then the modem would deliver the fax images just as if it were a live incoming call.


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