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[hylafax-users] Enable a modem for sending fax


I'm using a Debian server wit Hylafax, until now, I'm using it for receiving fax only. Now I've to use it for sending too.

I've two modems connected to serial ports ttyS14 and ttyS15. One is connected to direct phone line and the other one go throw a PBX, so in one situation I've to dial only the number and by the other line I've to dial the "0," prefix so I could get line.

Now, the system sends new fax throw the first line is idle, so depending on which line is idel and depending wether I've specified a prefix, the fax is sent or fails, of course after 2, 3 or 4 retries it finaly get the correct line and the fax is sent, but ...

Is it possible to predefine a dial prefix depending on which line is using the Hylafax Server? Is it is not possible is it possible to define a modem only for receiving calls and the other for receiving and sending?

Thanks in advance,

Pere Pie

PD. I've adden ModemPriority parameter so the PBX line has priority, but sometimes it is busy, so the other one trys to send fax and fails.

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