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Re: [hylafax-users] [tkadlubo: Re: Client authentication]

Tadeusz Andrzej Kadłubowski napisał(a):
Thus wrote Marcin Giedz:
Yes....but configuration is slightly different.

Let's try:

When I try to use pam_unix module I get conversation failure - the pam
mechanism is unable to obtain the password from HylaFAX.
Did you compile Hylafax with PAM at all? Because I never had such problem even I run Hylafax on several distors like RH, Debian Woodie, Sarge or SID. Or do you have complete PAM instalation?

I think it is because
the pam_unix module itself wants to print password prompt and read from a TTY.

I am considering usage of pam_ftp to get password and username from HylaFAX and
then passing it to the pam_unix module configured with use_first_pass. This way
logs don't show conversation failure messages, but authentication fails anyway.
Indeed, that's confusing.

I will appreciate any further help.

fn:Marcin Giedz
org:AltVision Group;Network and New Technologies
adr:;;Polna 11;Warszawa;;00-633;Polska
title:Application Engineer 
tel;work:+48 22 825 85 08

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