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[hylafax-users] Rename to doneq failed: Invalid cross-device link

I just setup a shared sendq NFS mount for my two-node HylaFAX cluster (wanted to have a shared seqf file, symlinks didnt work).  I'm running into an issue where the fax is sent fine, but when HylaFAX renames the file from sendq to doneq it gives me an error:
Jul  5 15:47:01 hylafax01 FaxQueuer[3786]: JOB 540006: rename to doneq/q540006 failed: Invalid cross-device link
It looks like the program continues to move on but it does not send out any notifications if this error happens.  Is there a way to bypass the error and have the notifications still be sent out and/or allow HylaFAX to rename sendq files on an NFS mount to the doneq?
Thank you for your help.

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