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Re: [hylafax-users] hylafax does not answer rings

Am 10.07.2006 11:57:29 schrieb(en) Steve-Kai Vyska:

Next was to setup hylafax.

hylafax and capi4hylafax are installed and setup to the faxnumer. I
changed the capi Driver from capiFAX to capi20 since this is the /dev an debian.

Hello Steve,

the modem device name has nothing to do with the CAPI device. When using capi4hylafax this name is only used for communication between HylaFAX and capi4hylafax.

I think capi4hylafax reads it's config from a file config.faxCAPI. HylaFAX needs a file config.<device_name> for every "modem" device defined in config.faxCAPI. It checks for existence of this file but does not read it's contents.
Do you have a dummy file or link named config.capi20?

Kernel: capidrv-1: incoming call incommingnumber,1,1,faxnumber
kernel: capidrv-1: patching si2=1 to 0 for VBOX
kernel: isdn_net: call from incommingnumber -> 0 faxnumber ignored
kernel: isdn_tty: call from incommingnumber -> faxnumber ignored
kernel: capidrv-1: incoming call incommingnumber,1,0,faxnumber ignored

So why is it ignored?

These messages say that you don't have any network connection or ISDN-tty interface or voice box configured to use "faxnumber". It's correct that these programs/drivers ignore the call to your fax number.

You may have some messages in /var/spool/hylafax/log/capi4hylafax.

If you don't find the problem, please show your config.faxCAPI


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