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Re: [hylafax-users] Failed fax after 2 TOTDIALS: No carrier detected

Jean-Pierre Radley wrote:

OK, you dial a number for the first time, so if you don't get a carrier,
the software only tries once more.

Next week, you dial that same number again.  This time, if I understand
what happens, there will be an info file for that number created during
the first attempt.  What happens then?

It will only dial twice ever for any job until it finds a fax machine on the other end. At that point the info file is marked in a way that HylaFAX recognizes it as a fax machine number and then JobRetryNoCarrier will not apply to it.

I haven't worked with this feature much since it was changed from NoCarrierRetries, so my comments are based on previous behavior that I belive was retained.

Most of this dillema stems from an inability on analog lines to accurately detect if a call was answered or not. If ringback detection were trustworthy and enabled on the modem then one could trust NO CARRIER to mean that a non-fax device answered and "NO ANSWER" results would be the only case where HylaFAX would need to redial. Alas, ringback detection is not a trustworthy way to know if a call is answered or not (and even on digital lines trusting D-channel information isn't entirely trustworthy, either ... to know if we got a fax device or not - thanks in part to fax detection devices on voice/fax units).

So HylaFAX is trying to play a balancing act between the need to get the fax through and the desire to not anger people to whom we misdial. That's why the assumption is made that if we have found a fax machine at that number before that we can try until we exhaust the maxtries limit and that otherwise we must be more cautious about how we retry after getting a NO CARRIER result.


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