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Re: [hylafax-users] how to print on different printers

Hi again guys...

sorry for coming back on this issue.

The problem I have to solve now concerning printing on different device is the following:
Fax are printed on both devices, not just on the right one..... and on 1st device it's printed 2 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I compiled my FaxDispatch as below
........cut cut cut...........

case $"DEVICE" in
      ttyS0) PRINTER=K-MARE;;
      ttyS1) PRINTER=K2;;

#log to....
date >> /var/log/hylafax.log
echo "Device: $DEVICE File: $FILE Printer: $PRINTER" >> /var/log/hylafax.log

tiff2ps -a1 $FILE | lp -d $PRINTER >> /var/log/hylafax.log

Log file is growing properly showin the right device but I'm still unable to direct file received, for example on ttyS1, only on proper $PRINTER
and at the same time it's printed on the 1st printer 2 times.

The problem I think is in the FaxDispatch
Could someone help me  again?
I'm getting mad :(
Tks in advance for yr help

A J Stiles wrote:

On Thursday 30 November 2006 15:23, Davide Sberna wrote:


I tried configuration that you suggested...
Nothing is changed since hylafax server is printing only on system
default printer!!!!!
I really don't understand why!!!!!
Both printers are well configured since I'mable to print other docs
without troubles.

Could you pls provide other possible solution?
Thanks in advance for yr kind help

First of all, manually check that you really can print to each printer;

$ lpr -P printer-A somefile.ps
$ lpr -P printer-B somefile.ps
(if you have no convenient PostScript file lying around then use
 $ enscript -p somefile.ps /etc/passwd
to create one)

If not, fix that before proceeding.

Next, modify your FaxDispatch to create a log of what it's been doing;

case $DEVICE
   ttyS0) PRINTER=printer-A;;
   ttyS1) PRINTER=printer-B;;
# log what we're doing to a temporary file
date >> /tmp/stuff
echo "Device was $DEVICE -- printing $FILE to $PRINTER" >> /tmp/stuff
# end of AJS's mods
tiff2ps -a $FILE | lpr -P $PRINTER

Make sure /tmp/stuff exists and is writable;
$ echo -n "" > /tmp/stuff
$ chmod 666 /tmp/stuff

Then, after receiving a few faxes, examine /tmp/stuff and make sure it says what you were expecting. If the file hasn't grown at all, that means your FaxDispatch isn't even being called. The most likely explanation for this is you've simply saved it in the wrong place. If you used your distro's pre-compiled Hylafax package rather than compiling from source, they may have "helpfully" moved it for you (GNU folks generally prefer every package to place its config files somewhere under /etc; BSD folks seem to prefer every package to place its config files somewhere only it knows about. Each method has its merits, cf. big vs little endianness). For instance, Debian and Ubuntu use /etc/hylafax/FaxDispatch. If you're lucky, there will be a sample file, probably containing just comments, already in the right place.


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