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Re: [hylafax-users] Three problems from Italy

Hi Andrea,

Il giorno mer, 03/01/2007 alle 15.24 +0000, borgo2000@xxxxxxxx ha
> Hi user
> I'm trying to use ubuntufax a hylafax VM appliance.
> I have some problems and I hope you could give me some advices
> 1) All log messages are sent to /var/log/syslog instead of /var/log/message.
> Why ? Could I use an external syslog server (for example ????

Yes, you can. Please configure your syslogd in order to collect and
eventually redirect all these messages. You may configure your syslog in
order to store hylafax messages in any file.
The only option you may change in hylafax is LogFacility (check the
manual page for hylafax-config); but the most of your setting should be
done in syslogd.

> 2) Where can I configure max dial retries on busy signal or on line error

Again, have a look a the manual page for hylafax-config. Check these
       JobRetryBusy                  integer    -                number of retries for BUSY dial result
       JobRetryDataConn              integer    -                number of retries for data connection dial result
       JobRetryNoAnswer              integer    -                number of retries for NO ANSWER dial result
       JobRetryNoCarrier             integer    1                number of retries for NO CARRIER dial result
       JobRetryOther                 integer    -                number of retries for ‘‘other’’ problems

> 3) On boot, the system ask me if I want to configure tty1. I'm not
> interested but I don't know how to stop it boring me.

This is not a hylafax problem. It could be anything related to your

> 4) The notify script send mail to user "fax". But when I get my email with
> my favourite email client I read the sender name as UUCP. Where I can
> configure the name for user fax ????

the manual page of faxrcvd include an example on how to create a custom
etc/FaxDispatch file that may change the From: field.


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