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Re: [hylafax-users] Using a serial modem through a converter from ethernet to serial

Hi Tony,

Many thanks for the additional information.  I suspect the dedicated
connection is a big factor in your success although without a detailed
analysis of your error rate it's difficult to know exactly how well your
systems compare with those with local modem resources.  Obviously, it's
possible to get some systems with port servers and/or virtual servers to
work but in my opinion most users should just keep it simple.


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andrew rinaldi wrote:
> Hi Tony,
>> We have used a stallion port server to map modems connected remotely to 
>> our linux server.
>> There is a small app that comes with the easyserver called svr_tty that 
> mpas from ip:port to tty devices.Can you tell us something about this
network and how reliable HylaFAX is
> when used with this port server ?  We have found in our labs that these
> systems become unusable for fax as the packet loss increases... This can
> sometimes be stimulated by heavy traffic on the local network.
We find the system to be reliable and works well connecting to remote sites.
We have modems at remotes sites in different states and countries. We 
have dedicated connections to these remote sites (2mb connections to 
some locations).

>> I cant see why it wouldn't work on a virtual machine... but never tried.
> I agree that the install should work.  However, we are really interested
> how well the system performs as a fax server aren't we ?  My advice is to
> keep it simple... If you run HylaFAX on a dedicated system with decent fax
> hardware you will see extremely low error rates (we have a customer who is
> currently investigating an error rate of 6 in 10,000).
Our system is a dedicated fax server on an IBM blade. Our Hylafx server 
sends about 6,000 faxes a day across the various sites, both remote and 
I haven't done any stats on error rates, however, chances are we get 
more than 6 errors in 10, 000, but the errors we get are not 
specifically related to the port server. I have found that there are 
lots of other possibilities that could cause errors. I'm not exactly 
sure what sort of error messages your talking about here though.
The connection to the port server is quite reliable provided that we 
always have a network connection. There are obvious problems if we loose 
our network connection to the remote site, but we can route faxes to 
another site or send them from local modems as a redundancy back up 
The only problem I've found with the port servers is that paging will 
not work when trying to send a pager message through a modem connected 
to the port server rather than a serial connection. I think there are 
issues when trying to negotiate a baud rate. The port server can be 
configured for different settings and not all modem configuration 
settings can be directly transpired over to the modems, but if all you 
are going to use it for is faxing , I don't see any problems.

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