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Re: [hylafax-users] [ANN] Hylapex 2.2.0


Thanks for the replay. I installed a new XP machine with the latest SP2
and Patches.
I downloaded the pre-compiled "Hylapex_full_V2.2.0.exe" on the machine.

After this I run the application, it asked me to run the "3 button"  I
press the first,
it activates the second button but nothing executes to answer yes or ok
the same happens with the second button up to the third 

After I pressed the third, I go and check the printers... nothing. I
tried this 3 times 
(every time on a new machine) giving any where from 5 second to 5
minutes between 
pressing the next button.


>>> Michele Petrazzo <michele.petrazzo@xxxxxxxxx> 2007/02/06 11:40 AM
Cecil Brand wrote:
> Hi Michele,


> I tried to install hylapex on Windows XP. a Quick question, do I
>  to install all the pre required software on Windows first? Because
> it seems that

What installation? Source or pre-compiled? If windows pre-compiled, no
of course. If it's the first time installation, only download the
.exe from sf.net, install and use it!

> I'm unable to get the Redmon or printer entry installed... any 
> thoughts??

Go to administration, press the "three buttons", wait some seconds and
you have end the installation procedure. That's all.

> thx Cecil



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