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Re: [hylafax-users] FC6 unable to receive fax

Chip Mefford wrote:

Lee Howard wrote:

Chip Mefford wrote:

Okay, I have SessionTracing set to 0xFFF,
however, I have no log that seems relevant, as I am
not getting *anything* on an inbound.

Okay, now in your modem config file set ServerTracing to 0xFFF, restart
faxgetty, and try the call again.  Then take a look at the FaxGetty logs
in syslog (probably /var/log/messages).  Let's see what faxgetty is
doing with that call.



Call failed,

From the sending machine (over in another part of the building)
I set the fax to send, sending machine dials, hylafax answers,
negotiation begins, negotiation appears to succeed, then
the call fails, report spits out status busy/no answer, or
spits out "NG"

According to the server log that you sent, the modem isn't even getting the call. You should see RING messages in there.


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