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Re: [hylafax-users] can't detect Modem

Hi Maya,
linmodems.org only accepts plain text emails if this excerpt from scan modem is to be believed;

> Only plain text email is forwarded by the DISCUSS@xxxxxxxxxxxxx List Server.

Are you using the same Linux distribution on the laptop and PC ?  If you are, are the serial ports enabled in the BIOS ?  Have you tried using Mincom to talk to the modem ?  Search google for how-to's relating to your distribution and modem installation, once you have a modem that Minicom can communicate with then HylaFAX will be simple.
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Haii all....
i have a modem(D-Link DFM 562E ++ Modem , v.92 56000bps data/fax/voice). i configured hylafax server with this modem in laptop and its working.. in laptop modem automatically detected.. but in my PC modem not detected.. then what i can do?...how i can detect the modem?. i use scanmodem but it shows nothing... nd i mailed to disscuss@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, but the mail bounced back(failure delivery)thats y i mailing to here...... plz help..

thanks in advance

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