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Re: [hylafax-users] Max pages can send or receive once

Yes, Lee, That's why I want to know whether is that any necessary patch or
configuration to configure it in order not to have such disconnection
problem. As the fax out with 30 pages are ok and I am using halyafax 5.0.3
with iaxmodem 0.2.0.
I have tried it again and this time I fax in 38 pages and it works well.

Best Regards,

Johnny Xing Haipeng
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From: Lee Howard [mailto:faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2007 1:55 AM
To: johnny_xing
Cc: hylafax-users@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Max pages can send or receive once

johnny_xing wrote:

>Feb 08 13:33:03.28: [ 3980]: RECV received frame number 53
>Feb 08 13:33:03.40: [ 3980]: RECV assumed RCP frame with block end
>Feb 08 13:33:03.40: [ 3980]: MODEM set XON/XOFF/DRAIN: input ignored,
>Feb 08 13:33:03.40: [ 3980]: MODEM input buffering disabled
>Feb 08 13:33:03.40: [ 3980]: --> [10:NO CARRIER]
>Feb 08 13:33:03.40: [ 3980]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
>Feb 08 13:33:03.46: [ 3980]: --> [5:ERROR]

This tells you that the call disconnected right at this moment... and 
that's why the last 15 pages didn't go through in that call.


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