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Re: [hylafax-users] Faxing of Word's DOC files.

* Adam Stiles <adam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> [070209 09:26]:
> Next question:  Will that work even on a machine without an X server?  After 
> all, if I only want to print a document, not display it on screen, there's no 
> real need for X.  Presumably I'd have to use some compile-time flags or 
> makefile hacks to persuade it to build without protesting?

I'm not sure about OpenOffice, but we have had to use Acrobat 7 in a few
places for PDF stuff, and it always required an X server, even for just
commanline usage and PDF manipulation.  We ended running a simple virtual
X server (Xvfb) on the fax server so acrobat could run.


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