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Re: [hylafax-users] set outgoing number

I'm sorry. My earlier mail was a bit incorrect... it is the sendfax -u option and not -W. Anyway here is the client interaction you should see:

-> JPARM FAXNUMBER "5551212"
213 FAXNUMBER set to "5551212".


Moritz Winterberg wrote:

Sorry, my last mail got truncated somehow..

I'll take a look at ModemSetOriginCmd as you suggested.
Since I'm using a perl client, is this somehow reflected insinde the
qfile or available as JPARM command ?


On 2/26/07, Lee Howard <faxguy@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Moritz Winterberg wrote:

> Could anybody tell me how to set the senders phone number ? Is this
> possible at all with an
> "analog modem" setup ?

Assuming that the sender's phone number will not change then you can just use:

ModemResetCmds: AT+iO<number>

If the sender's phone number will change based on the job owner then you
can use JobControl to modify:

ModemDialCmd: "AT+iO<number>\nATDT%s"

If the sender's client software needs to be able to specify the sender's
phone number (as the number may vary with the same job owner) then you
could do it with various custom job id tricks and JobControl, or in
HylaFAX+ there is a modem config option:

ModemSetOriginCmd: AT+iO%d

that can be used to allow the client (like sendfax) to submit the
sender's number (sendfax -W <number>) and for it to be invoked when sending.


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