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Re: [hylafax-users] Iaxmodem - identifying user

* Maciej Żwirski <mzwirek@xxxxxxxxx> [070405 07:41]:

> >This was one of the primary purposes behind the HylaFAX+ 
> >ModemSetOriginCmd and the associated IAXmodem support for it.  See:

> I guess there is no way to use it in HF 4.3.1-7 then? :-/ Too bad, I 
> could use with some sender info not for billing, cause I can use 
> xferfaxlog for that, but it should be showing in few notifications... 
> Thanks for the info

Well, It's not possible to do it using "ModemSetOriginCmd" in the config
file, but with the exception of the new FAXNAME paramater Lee added,
everything else is "doable" with JobControl.

For instance, in your jobcontrol, doing something like:

	... parse qfile, etc....

	# This is the syntax for the Eicon DIVA Server
	echo 'ModemDialCmd:' '"AT+IO'"$faxnumber"'\nATS0=255;DT%2@"'

Gives the same result as ModemSetOroginCmd (minus the FAXNAME part, but
you really can't update the ANI database dynamically anyways).

You can see a more complete "virtualization" example with JobControl

Note that in version 4.3.1, HylaFAX has a condition where it could send
raw '%s' strings to syslog which could cause faxq to segfault.  It was
fixed in 4.3.3.

4.3.3 and is packaged in debian sid [unstable], which works well on
etch [testing]:
	apt-get -t unstable install hylafax-server


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