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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax & Exchange 2003 Integration

Kevin Pare wrote:

Receiving works fine, I'm referring to outgoing faxes.

Basically exchange 2003 sends the message to the gfi box as an smtp
message, the gfi box takes the message and converts it to a fax. And
away you go. I'm wondering if I can tell the hylafax box how to handle
the messages that I attached in the original post?

HylaFAX doesn't have it's own SMTP server. So you'll want to use and probably custom-configure specifically a bit one that comes with whatever platform/distribution you choose to use (sendmail, postfix, exim, etc). What you need to do is to teach it how to interpret this:

To: "Kevin Pare \(Business Fax\)" <IMCEAFAX-Kevin+20Pare+40+2B1+20+28306+29+20352-4579@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Cc: "Kevin Pare \(Home Fax\)" <IMCEAFAX-Kevin+20Pare+40+2B1+20+28306+29+20564-6253@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,

"Kevin Pare \(Business Fax\)" <IMCEAFAX-Kevin+20Pare+40+2B1+20+28306+29+20352-4579@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

and/or the envelope information, to know how to invoke faxmail or sendfax. If you choose to go with sendfax you'll need to create a small wrapper script that will decode the MIME parts and do with them what you need. But that does give you greater control.


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