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Re: [hylafax-users] Some errors in reception

Your log certainly looks like you're using "Retransmit-Ignore", yes.

Based on the fact that you're complaining about the fax not getting through, "Retransmit" is probably a more appropriate setting for you.

However, the receiver's error message of "a: Reception error (Protocol) with the error 3319h(13081): T.30 specific illegal parameter coding, e.g. SFF coding error." is confusing to me. The receiver responded to DCS with CFR, and so I can't make sense of the "T.30 specific illegal parameter coding". I think that this would need to be clarified by the CAPI4PBX author.

However, this kind of problem (repeated RTN) generally would indicate an incompatibility in the modulators (i.e. V.17 long-train works but not V.17 fast-train) or in the medium (i.e. audio is getting corrupted in a fashion that allows TCF to work, but not Phase C) or that the image data does not match what was in DCS.


Fernando wrote:

Sorry for the late response, I've been out of the office all this time.

In my modem config files there is not a parameter like this, so I
assume that the value used is the default one. Am I right?

Which one should I used to avoid this and sending only a copy of the
fax sent? I am a little confuse.
With 'retransmit' only send the page again when the receiver send the
RTN signal?

Thank you very much.

2007/3/16, Aidan Van Dyk <aidan@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

* Fernando <fernando.alhambra@xxxxxxxxx> [070316 07:23]:

> Anyone can tell me while HylaFAX said: Your job to XXXXXXXXX was
> completed successfully and we have not received the correct document?
> I usually send about 200 faxes or more every day and I've got only one
> or two errors like this.

From your session log:
> mar 14 12:45:58.35: [31762]: SEND recv RTN (retrain negative)^M
> mar 14 12:45:58.35: [31762]: SEND FAX (000000593): FROM user1@xxxxxxx TO XXXXXXXXX (page 1 of 1 sent in 0:37)^M
> mar 14 12:45:58.35: [31762]: SEND FAX (000000593): FROM user1@xxxxxxx TO XXXXXXXXX (docq/doc557.ps;01 sent in 0:37)^M

I would look at the setting of RTNHandlingMethod in your device config
file.  My guess is ithat it's set to Ignore?

From the 4.3.2 man page:

RTNHandlingMethod string Retransmit-Ignore RTN signal handling method


  Specifies how to react to an RTN signal received from the remote: one
  of '' Retransmit '', '' Giveup '','' Ignore '', or ''
  Retransmit-Ignore ''.

  '' Retransmit '' assumes that the page is not received succesfully.
  HylaFAX will make up to two additional attempts to send the page,
  decreasing signalling rate and retraining. If RTN continues, up to 2
  additional calls will be placed. The downside is that if the remote
  always responds with RTN, the page will be sent 9 times and no
  following pages will be sent. Many fax machines will not behave this
  way, although T.30 specification seems clear that this is the intent
  of the RTN signal.

  Many fax machines will interpret RTN as meaning to not send the same
  data again. That is because RTN may indicate problems with flow
  control, incorrectly encoded T.4 data, or some incompatibility other
  than line noise. Fax machines that interpret RTN this way will
  disconnect and require a manual retransmission. This ''over and out''
  behaviour can be activated by the '' Giveup '' value. The advantage
  to this behavior is that the same page of image data will not be sent
  multiple times, but the downside is that the following pages will not
  be sent.

  '' Ignore '' is similar to '' Giveup '' in that it makes the
  assumption the data cannot be automatically accepted by the receiver.
  However, rather than disconnecting the page of image data is
  abandoned and processing moves on to the next. The remote is left to
  decide what to do with the unacceptable page of image data. The
  downside to this behavior, is that the remote may or may not have
  kept the page, depending on its interpretation of the RTN signal -
  but it does allow us to continue on to the next page.

  '' Retransmit-Ignore '' is a combination of '' Retransmit '' and ''
  Ignore ''. The page of image data is retransmitted up to two
  additional times, but rather than disconnecting after a third RTN
  signal for the same page, processing then continues on to the next
  page. This approach is an effort to satisfy both interpretations of
  an RTN signal. It allows the receiver to hopefully receive a better
  copy of the image data while not failing to send subsequent pages. If
  the receiver saves or prints a copy of pages for which it transmits
  RTN, then it could save or print up to three copies of every page.

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