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Re: [hylafax-users] Hylafax & Exchange 2003 Integration

Kevin Pare wrote:

I'm actually running this on a trixbox, I guess I should let you know
that. I'm using the iaxmodem that from with trixbox and the latest
hylafa, I'm going to be looking at your version of hylafax shortly as
well. I'm hoping it will resolve some faxing issues over voip.
Specifically, after the fax has been received, hylafax and the remote
machine can't agree the page has been sent. But that's another issue.

Well, I'd need to see specific session logs and have more information about what you're really doing to make any meaningful comment here. However, my general response to a statement like "faxing issues over voip" would be to have you read:


... and then to suggest that you follow the recommendations at the end of that document (which boil down to not faxing over voip).

Is there any documentation on the below? I'm teaching myself linux at a
steady rate but documentation has definitely been my friend!

You will want to look at how the various MTAs are configured with faxmail. And then you'll want to write a faxmail replacement in your favorite programming language - probably the most simple approach would be to do it in shell.

It's just a matter of taking the mail source from standard input and then parsing it for the destination number and then handing it off to faxmail appropriately (if you want to use faxmail). Or if not using faxmail, to also decode out the attachments to the message to files and then invoking sendfax appropriately.

I would suggest that a bit of playing around on the command-line (which is the shell prompt) is a good place to start learning. A read through 'man bash' is always a good way to see how versatile it is (while simultaneously putting one to sleep!). From there I would suggest just taking a look at others' shell scripts. Many have circulated on this list over the years.


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Kevin Pare wrote:

Receiving works fine, I'm referring to outgoing faxes.

Basically exchange 2003 sends the message to the gfi box as an smtp
message, the gfi box takes the message and converts it to a fax. And
away you go. I'm wondering if I can tell the hylafax box how to handle
the messages that I attached in the original post?

HylaFAX doesn't have it's own SMTP server. So you'll want to use and probably custom-configure specifically a bit one that comes with whatever platform/distribution you choose to use (sendmail, postfix, exim, etc). What you need to do is to teach it how to interpret this:

To: "Kevin Pare \(Business Fax\)" <IMCEAFAX-Kevin+20Pare+40+2B1+20+28306+29+20352-4579@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Cc: "Kevin Pare \(Home Fax\)" <IMCEAFAX-Kevin+20Pare+40+2B1+20+28306+29+20564-6253@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,

"Kevin Pare \(Business Fax\)" <IMCEAFAX-Kevin+20Pare+40+2B1+20+28306+29+20352-4579@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

and/or the envelope information, to know how to invoke faxmail or sendfax. If you choose to go with sendfax you'll need to create a small

wrapper script that will decode the MIME parts and do with them what you

need. But that does give you greater control.


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