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Re: [hylafax-users] Cannot recieve from one particular sender

johnh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

The modem setup has had one change made to it: I re-included the Class1TCFRecvHack: yes as several seders could not send to us without it. I had to use this with the old HylaFax version we were using, and although this is supposed to be deprecated (I think), our setup didn't work well for some high priority stuff without it.

Apr 23 09:03:02.73: [13564]: REMOTE wants 14400 bit/s
Apr 23 09:03:02.73: [13564]: REMOTE wants A4 page width (215 mm)
Apr 23 09:03:02.73: [13564]: REMOTE wants unlimited page length
Apr 23 09:03:02.73: [13564]: REMOTE wants 3.85 line/mm
Apr 23 09:03:02.73: [13564]: REMOTE wants 2-D MMR
Apr 23 09:03:02.73: [13564]: REMOTE wants T.30 Annex A, 256-byte ECM
Apr 23 09:03:02.73: [13564]: <-- [9:AT+FRH=3\r]
Apr 23 09:03:03.21: [13564]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Apr 23 09:03:05.04: [13564]: --> [16:^O<94><9c>ÃÃE§þyÃ8<95>8Ã^P^C]
Apr 23 09:03:05.04: [13564]: --> [5:ERROR]

This is exactly why you shouldn't use Class1TCFRecvHack any more. (The feature keys off of a modem mis-behavior, and here the misbehavior is slightly different than anticipated.) Get rid of Class1TCFRecvHack, and let's see the session logs for the senders where you have had trouble without it.


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