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Re: [hylafax-users] Problem with AVM card

Hello Andrew,

maybe you are right and I shouldn't use an isdn card. In fact, I would buy some analog modems if the result
is really that good you say. What should a good analog modem cost? Do you know a good one, which I
could also buy in Germany? I have no real experience which properties are important for a good working
fax modem which is compatible to most fax machines.

Best regards
Marcel Kirsch

Andrew Rinaldi schrieb:
Hi Marcel,

Turn on server tracing and send the logs for the failed calls to the mail

If you are looking for a reliable solution then the Eicon card won't help
you.... using a high quality analog fax board you can expect error rates
below 0.5% (and the majority of those will be the result of paper jams or
senders pressing the 'stop' button).


Mainpine Limited - Support
USA +1 503 822 9944 | Asia/Europe +44 1225 869439 andrew.rinaldi@xxxxxxxxxxxx | www.mainpine.com

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Hi there,

I have some compatibility issues with my fax server and I really hope, that
you can help me. In our company it is very important that we can receive the facsimiles,
people send to us. So we used hardware fax machines for a long time. But
then we decided to use a fax server instead. At this moment we use HylaFAX
version 4.3.2 which is running on SuSE 64 version 10. Our fax modem is a
"fritz! isdn card" by avm. Unfortunately some people can't send facsimiles to us. In average 8 out of
64 facsimiles doesn't reach us. Are there some possibilities to reduce this high error rate? I deactivated "UseISDNFaxService" because I heard that is option could make
some problems and I activated "AcceptSpeech", just because I hoped it could
take some effects. It didn't. Are there more options which could minimize
this error rate? Or would an other modem device help? I heard some good of a
card called "Diva Eicos", but I would not like to spend 230EUR without
having some better results. Do you have some ideas?

Best regards
Marcel Kirsch

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