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Re: [hylafax-users] Multifunction Fax with Seamless Transparent fax gateway capability?

That's a good suggestion you can reverse engineer HP's application. It
shouldn't be too hard with a protocol analyzer. Once we get the Voice
Answering patch support the other method will work with every MFC with
a fax functionality and a POTS port :)



On 28/04/07, Ulf Zimmermann <ulf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would look at something like the HP MFC (we got M3035 and M4345 in use) or
a digital document sender (HP has one which is basicly a scanner with
Ethernet). You can use the "Scan to Email" function, set the To: address to
the email interface address on your hylafax server and the subject field
where they put the number in. Then on the hylafax server the script which
receives the email, can take the pdf attachment and the number from the
subject and send it out via sendfax.


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 Thanks for thinking about the problem.  However, i want to do everything
over tcp/ip.  The fax machines have 98% of what is needed, they already have
email over the lan.  It is just that they do not the software options to fax
using email instead of the analog telephone line.  i do not want to plug
anything into the analog port at all, i want to use just the Cat5 RJ45
ethernet port.

On 4/27/07, Luke McKee <hojuruku@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I read somewhere that with a regular SOHO office fax machine you can
 configure the line port directly to connect to a fax modem.
 There was some script someone configured using mgetty in direct mode
 that allowed you to receive faxes without making a call. Google it and
 you will find ;)

 You may have to hack it around a little to allow hylafax to detect the
 number. If and when the voice mode answering support (bug 859) is
 included you could configure for the fax machine to listen for the
 DTMF id tones dialed by the fax machine as a kind of caller id (it's
 used this way in some countries!!)  then the following fax tone
 hylafax will answer the call process it as per external fax calls.
 Once recieved Hylafax can the process the fax via VOIP/ (t38 in the
 future) / IAX / email by using a custom faxrecvd script.

 You then configure the hylafax to email the incoming fax based on the
 dialrules and whola you have your fax-machine to email fax gateway
 (like efax or whatever you want to use).

Just my hairbrained thoughts on the matter.



On 28/04/07, Rob Townley <rob.townley@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: > Is anyone aware of a SOHO multifunction printer, fax, copier, scanner that > seamlessly interoperates with a fax gateway such as > http://www.hylafax.org/content/Email_to_Fax_Gateway > or > asterfax http://asterfax.sourceforge.net/index.php? > > It needs to be absolutely transparent to the end user such that they walk > up, put in their paper document, enter the fax telephone #, hit fax send and > walk away. The multifunction hardware would then know to send an email to > EmailToFaxGateway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with a subject line > containing the outgoing fax #. For instance, if the user enters 4025551234 > on the touchpad, the hardware emails a TIFF or PDF to > EmailToFaxGateway@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx with a subject line of > "4025551234". The email-to-fax gateway service on the HylaFax server would > then take the email and send it over POTS to 4025551234. > > Why? > Because in an all VOiP office, moving a fax machine and POTS analog line is > expensive and a pain. > Dedicated analog POTS lines are expensive. > Sending very long documents or hi-res documents would be facilitated because > they would get "scanned" and sent to the fax server with certainty. The end > user could requeue the job in HylaFax if it failed or timed out or the phone > # was wrong. > It would double as a networkable scanner. > Home users would be able to fax directly from their home machine to jfax.com > or efax.com (Credentialing may be a little complex however). > > Multifunction machines similar to the following do not have this seamless > capability. It would seem easy to add this as a layer in the firmware for > outgoing faxes. > > HPLJ 3390. > http://www.brother.com.au/Products/MFC_productoverview.asp?ProductID=220&SubCategoryID=2

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