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Re: [hylafax-users] OT: trolls, was: Problem with AVM card

Remember that some commercial people troll the mailing lists
for on a daily basis looking for leads :)
I truly respect all of the commercial entities that participate on these
lists.  They add to the value of this community.  They give our
otherwise insignificant community a real voice.  I do not believe that
they are here to abuse our forums.  They are here, I believe, for a
higher purpose than simply generating sales.  I don't think that
constantly harassing them about what you may assume their interests are
is truly productive.

I agree with your comments but would like to pass on some guidance to those commercial entities who wouldn't like to their image tarnished for being a bit 'too opportunistic' . To keep this as a learning experience I wont finger anyone specifically.

I brought that comment because someone was having trouble with the
same ISDN card (AVM fritz!) and a hylafax vendor mentioned in the
HOWTOs started suggesting to investigate buying analogue modems, in a
country that heavily favors ISDN for both home and business use.....

I was trouble trying to see how they came to that conclusion. i.e. "If
your ISDN card that's been supported with hylafax for years isn't
working right, may I suggest you  buy a modem... " - [quote not

That given I expect most large users of hylafax to be organizations
that need to send lots of faxes and fax gateway services. One would
think hardware suppliers though concerned about the support of their
products and hylafax compatibility wouldn't be the biggest users of
hylafax in production. When I see the same hardware supplier giving
criticisms a suggestion I made to make a lower cost generic modems
work better with hylafax and making contributions though not always
useful in every post possible with a multi line tagline and url at the
bottom (free advertising), I found it easy to guess what would
motivate what activity.

Those criticisms made by this hardware vendor against bug 859 were
unfounded too, and they would not retract them when confronted. That's
a tactic well employed by Microsoft we know to be called FUD.

If you can figure out how flow control in voice modems is meant to
screw up the feature in bug 859 then I'll retract my comments, as this
vendor should have retracted theirs.
Really I don't know how that's possible when it's just reading a
status code back from the modem like OK. Last time I checked a modem
could respond to "AT" if it autobauds regardless of what flow control
you employ.
If anyone can figure out how that can be true then I'll retract my
comments on this matter on the list.

Every now and then a business will want to help a small home user that
is not likely to become their customer in the short term and that is
commendable. It also generates genuine goodwill from those who read it
after the fact. If businesses do want to do look for opportunity in
open source they shouldn't selectively support users who just happen
to work for a company that has a purchasing budget.



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