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Re: [hylafax-users] Can integrate DID (Direct inward Dial) + fax2email + Samba with Hylafax ?

We have had something similar running here for the past 4 years... you
need to modify the FaxDispatch and faxrcvd scripts (both need to be in
the bin dir).

I am in the process of updating to the latest version of Hylafax, and
these scripts have changed a fair bit over the years, so I am in the
process of merging in the modifications needed. Basically I create a
users file which contains did/destination/method. Eg:

1234 someone@xxxxxxxxxxxx SMTP
4321 printer1 CUPS

.... and so on.

That I havnt implemented file locations, but it shouldn't be too
difficult. If I get the scripts running again I will email them if that
helps - perhaps they could be merged into the next version?


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keith wrote:

>It may be a stupid question, my boss need me setup a fax server and
apply a
>DID (Direct Inward Dial) analog data line with 10 number, and I checked
>market found a "Multitech MT5634ZBA-DID" can support DID detection, I
have a
>question is the Hylafax can integrate to DID fax to email gateway +
>Share function at the same time, for example, when the sever received
>form DID number 001, then email the fax to account1@xxxxxxxxxxx , then
put the
>mail archive just like PDFor TIF to the local folder1 and the folder is
>by samba, I planning the box will run on CentOS + analog DID data line,
>all configuration can done on the faxdispatch file or someone can tell
me some
>hints and advise.

It can be done, yes, but it's not something ready-made. You will need to
do some configuration undoubtedly involving some scripting.


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