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Re: [hylafax-users] OT: trolls, was: Problem with AVM card


>So I don't care about full duplex support in modems - as who would?

We have a number of potential customers who have expressed an interest in
full-duplex audio support on modems.  Unlike yourself I believe that the
combination of solid V.34 fax and full-duplex audio on a modem would open up
some interesting product areas.

>If someone really did need to support full duplex in their application
>they would be buying multiport ISDN cards or hardware that users a
>better API (CAPI/asterisk etc) than not Mainepine Rockforce or other
>V253/IS101 devices. Nice of you to bring up full duplex voice support.

>Can you tell us all what's better for full duplex voice in you
>'professional opinion': A  Mainpine Rockforce board or active ISDN

The problem is that ISDN is not widely available at competitive cost outside
of Europe and some of the larger conurbations elsewhere.  For many potential
customers therefore ISDN it is not a viable option.  Mainpine does not
actively sell products into the voice market although our hardware has been
used in auto-attendant applications that can tolerate half-duplex.  Please
remember that just because we don't sell something to the open market
doesn't mean that we don't research and/or develop other products (sometimes
for OEM's).

>I assure the list, I'll be here and a regular contributor for many
>moons, 'candles' or sundial shadows to come.

Great !  It's always useful to have support resource available.


Mainpine Limited - Support
USA +1 503 822 9944 | Asia/Europe +44 1225 869439  
andrew.rinaldi@xxxxxxxxxxxx | www.mainpine.com

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