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[hylafax-users] Problem using dialstring rules

Hello Hylafax Users,

I have a problem using the hylafax dialrules file. It seems hylafax is just ignoring it when
creating the dialstring to dial for the faxcard.

Some more Information:

I am trying to send directly from shell with the sendfax command and from the Hylafax Outlook Thingy.
When I am sending a fax to number 004989123456 it works perfectly. But when I am sending a Fax from Outlook contacts with form like this : +49 (89) 123456 the hylafax server shows the message :

" An error occured while trying to establish the connection. "

But testing this string with die dialtest tool, it gives me following output out of the number +4989123456 :

canonical = "+4989123456"
dial-string = "089123456"
display = "+4989123456"

This is what i want :)

But sending a fax with hylafax doesn't work. So I think hylafax is not really using the dialrules file or is just not setting the dial-string right. It seems it is just using the canonical number instead of the dial-string.

when I try the sendfax with option -v -v it returns this:

-> JPARM DIALSTRING "+4989123456"
213 DIALSTRING set to "+4989123456"

So the dialstring is probably wrong and cannot be dialed.

The option "DialStringRules" is hard-wired to /etc/hylafax/dialrules in /etc/hylafax/config and /etc/hylafax/config.faxCAPI.

I don't know how to handle this little she goat hylafax.

Anyone here has experiences with this kind of behavior?

thanx for answering
Metin Wachholz

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Metin Wachholz
VENTAS Net Solutions

Milchstraße 4
D-20148 Hamburg


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