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Re: [hylafax-users] MODEM Command Error

Perhaps. faxcron is merely showing you what recvstats says. recvstats just interprets what is in xferfaxlog. The information is in xferfaxlog - it's just a matter of teaching recvstats to get the information out of xferfaxlog and present it to the admin in a meaningful way. I have to know specifically what information we're looking for, though.

I understand now that faxcron is just sending me the log from xferfaxlog. Which is completely ok, I like it. But as an admin of the server I also need to know about the other logs that don't appear in faxcron. Let me demonstrate below when log on to my system to comapre the log entries from xferfaxlog and the regular c00000xxx logs:

faxserver etc # grep -i "009617223632" xferfaxlog
faxserver etc # cd ../log/
faxserver log # grep -i "REMOTE TSI \"009617722801\"" c0000*
c000000266:May 07 09:18:33.60: [31707]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000267:May 07 09:21:46.10: [31707]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000268:May 07 09:23:29.75: [31707]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000269:May 07 09:25:15.90: [31707]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000310:May 07 12:23:38.06: [31707]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000346:May 07 14:30:11.23: [31707]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000449:May 08 12:09:30.70: [20268]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000461:May 08 12:34:18.90: [25687]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000462:May 08 12:35:57.72: [25687]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000463:May 08 12:37:53.34: [25687]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
c000000487:May 08 14:03:56.83: [27238]: REMOTE TSI "009617223632"
faxserver log #

As you can see there is a serious problem with this TSI, it is not
logged in xferfaxlog but has 11 log files in the /var/spool/fax/log
directory. I looked at each one of those logs and they're all
failures. Modem Command error and Failure to train modems.

If I relied on faxcron alone I would have no idea that a certain
sender has a 100% failure rate to send me a fax. Some others (also not
listed in xferfaxlog) have 7 failed and 7 succeeded, xferfaxlog would
only show the 7 succeeded but not the other 7 that failed.

The type of stats I am interested from this is for each TSI, how many
fax connections made it through to send a fax, how many failed, the
total number sent by that TSI, the time/date of each success and
failure, the error message for each failure, and on what device it
failed/succeeded on.

I could write an external program to scan the c000 files and gather
this info on a daily basis using regular cron jobs, I might even slap
em in a mysql table for archiving. But it'd be better if hylafax did
this sorta thing automatically  (if it is possible.)

Hope this clears what I been saying up.


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