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Re: [hylafax-users] how to check modem activity which logs

Hi Raphael,

From page 8 of the user manual - "B1 channel connection indicator; lights up
when B1 channel is established".

I think the user manual tells you everything you need to know, including
instructions on how to test that you can send and receive calls.  Can I
suggest that you work through the manual, call zyxel support if required,
and then come back to HylaFAX once you know that everything is working ?  As
I said before, until the basic modem functionality is proven you will
struggle to make any progress with HylaFAX.


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the B1 led on the modem.

Which user manual ...oups :-) ?

Regards Raphael

"Andrew Rinaldi" <andrew.rinaldi@xxxxxxxxxxxx> on 05.06.2007 16:35:16

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