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Re: [hylafax-users] CallWeaver integration issue

Eugene Prokopiev wrote:

[2007-06-20 21:52:44] Dialing '2450331'
[2007-06-20 21:52:44] Call accepted.
[2007-06-20 21:52:45] Ringing heard.
[2007-06-20 21:52:53] Remote answered.
[2007-06-20 21:52:54] Adjusting skew to -50.
[2007-06-20 21:52:54] Adjusting skew to -100.
[2007-06-20 21:53:38] Adjusting skew to -18550.
[2007-06-20 21:53:38] Remote hangup.
[2007-06-20 21:53:38] Hanging Up

This kind of thing generally means that iaxmodem isn't getting any audio frames from the PBX. You may want to check the Sourceforge forums for iaxmodem to see if one of the times that this has surfaced before is the same as in your case.


But I tried to use IAX client (idefisk) instead of IAXModem and I hear another side well. Why iaxmodem can't getting any audio frames from the PBX? Can it be resolved with some configuration options?

I don't know what the problem is and so I don't know what configuration options you would use to fix it.

You could edit the iaxmodem.c file to enable IAX2 debugging and then run iaxmodem in non-daemon mode and look at (or send me) the IAX2 debugging information that will then spew out along with the "skew" messages. Inevitably what it means, however, is that iaxmodem is sending audio frames to the PBX, but that it's not getting them back from the PBX.

If it works with Asterisk but not Callweaver, then I would think that there is a bug in Callweaver or the configuration you're using with Callweaver is the problem. I understand that idefisk may seem to work for you, but that doesn't really tell me much about how I would go about fixing anything that may be broken in iaxmodem.



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