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[hylafax-users] Charset conversion error in mail->faxmail->pdf&fax chain when using accents

Hi folks,

I've got a problem with pdf notifications and accents.  Italian language often uses accents such as in è é à ò ù ì.  Problem is that in case you send through the chain mail->mta->faxmail binary any fax, using accented letters either in body and/or subject of the email that will go constitute the coverfax, you'll get weird characters back in attachment with your receipt, as well as on the receiving machines.  I believe this is due to bad conversion between character set.  Using "recode" I should fix the problem.  I am trying to find the correct combination between input and output character set, but I am trying in complete blindness, taking up LOTS of time.

I was wondering whether some of you out there already fixed this matter, and how. Or, in case you are using recode too, which parameters you pass to the binary to have a succesful conversion.

if I insert any accented letters into the subject field I get something like :  

Subject: =?utf-8?Q?=C3=A8=C3=B2=C3=A0__prova?=

both on the fax machine and in the notification pdf.

In case I use accented letters into the body section, I get:

=C3=B2=C3=A0=C3=A8  prova

That would save me MANY hours of testing....
But in case nobody knows a ready solution, I'll undergo this effort and post the solution once I'll find it. Hope not!
Marcello Golfieri

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