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Re: [hylafax-users] Fax takes long time to send

For that particular fax, maybe it is. It's a powerpoint with lots of images and etc... This 23 page fax is only a part of our operation. Most of the sent faxes are simple faxes with a couple of lines of text, and nothing more. An exemple (berfore my upgrade) :


I cannot show easyly what it looks like because of the informations contained in it... But it's an order with 20 lines or so of text.

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"Nicolas Ross" <rossnick-lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've upgraded to 4.3.4, and up to now it doesn't seem to have did anything to solve my problem.

I am curently strugeling to build 4.4.1 on my system.

You'll need to apply the patch at:


to allow it to compile on rh7, sorry.

Here's a exemple log from my previous version. It's rather long, so here it is online :


And the slow down is on all destinations, both local and long-distance.

I don't see anything particularly problematic with that session log, you're transferring a lot of data and you're only running at 14,400. It's not being slowed down by ECM retransmits because there's no ECM, ... and 2.5 minutes isn't unheard of for pages that have a lot of data on them. Try sending 25 pages containing one line of text saying "test" and you'll see what I mean.

Is it possible the nature of the fax data itself has changed? It is possible there's a lot more black on the pages then there used to be?


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