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Re: [hylafax-users] Fax takes long time to send

* Nicolas Ross <rossnick-lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> [070907 09:50]:
> As for my problem, you made me realise something. While looking in my log 
> at when we started seeing increased faxing time, it's almost to the minute 
> the time we switch our pdf generating engine.
> Visualy, the pdf is almost the same, but converted to postscript and then 
> to tiff via ps2fax, we clearly see where the problem is.
> http://www.cybercat.ca/~rossnick/fax.gif
> In this image, you can see on the left the old engine, and on the right the 
> new one...
> I'll then see how to play with ghostscript options to remove this "noise", 
> that is surely causing the problem...

The "noise" is probably a light grey (or even colour) background in the
original PDF.  The darkness get's "dithered" by Ghostscript in the
conversion to monochrome.

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