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[hylafax-users] Special faxing instructions inserted into fax-bound docs?

I am trying to find an hylafax client or hylafax server feature that allows:

Files to be faxed are stored in the fax server and, from the client side, there is a way to "tell" hylafax server which of these files are to be faxed in each case together with the fax number, etc., without fax dialogue on the client side.

I have found that Hylafax Client does this:

By inserting data fields it is possible to dispatch a fax without the fax sending dialogue. These data fields are inserted directly into the document which is dispatched by the HylaFAX-Client. The HylaFAX-Client filters and removes the data fields. The data fields do not appear on the fax.

But I do not find a data field that indicates the name of the file in the server to be faxed.

Many thanks in advance,


-- Elena Benítez López Instituto Nacional de Estadística S.G. Informática Estadística

Correo-e: eblopez@xxxxxx

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