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[hylafax-users] Asterisk, quintum and hylafax

Hi all

I have installed hylaFAX into trixbox and I’m using iaxmodem to receive inbound faxes > hylafax and it’s working great!!! The calls are coming in from a Quintum VoIP gateway and I use NVFax to test to see if the call is a fax. Once again everything works great. Here is the schema

Inbound fax > Quintum > Asterisk > iaxmodem > hylaFAX > faxdispatcher > email

But I have two small problems that I hope someone might give me a hint about fixing. I use the FaxDispatcher to forward the faxes thru email and I route by the called number, but if someone dials the phone with a regular phone first then hits the fax button, I don’t get the called number. I have gone into the conf file and set a variable to capture the number before it goes the FaxDispatcher and it works but only if they don’t use a regular phone first. Just dial the number on the fax machine and push send, this works. Any ideas?

The second is outbound faxing. I’d like to have hylaFAX receive an email like john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hylafax will process it and send it to my Quintum VoIP gateway. It supports T.38 and can do the actual faxing. Any ideas, hints, links to go to, research papers to read? The schema would be

Email with attachment > HylaFAX > Asterisk > Quintum > outbound fax

Thanks in advance  





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