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Re: [hylafax-users] faxmail: No Destination/Dialstring specified

* nik600 <nik600@xxxxxxxxx> [071005 09:48]:
> >
> > Newer faxmail expect to fax the mail... you should call it like this:
> >
> > cat testo | /usr/local/bin/faxmail -n -u uucp my_fax_number fax@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> > And to have the fax only go through ttyS0, you must add the following
> > line to /usr/local/lib/fax/faxmail.ps:
> >
> > Modem: ttyS0

> and so, if i want to select the modem to use at send-time in a shell
> script, how can i do that?

You can easily add it as an "X-FAX header" to the e-mail your sending.
Use formail, or a simple echo:

	formail -b -I 'X-FAX-Modem: ttyS0' < testo | faxmail...

	(echo 'X-FAX-Modem: ttyS0'; cat testo) | faxmail ...

You can control *any* of the config optoins that faxmail knows about
with X-FAX-* headers.  See the man page for more details.


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