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[hylafax-users] Call ID pattern not matching?

I am unable to make HylaFAX recognize the caller ID name and number.  I recognized the problem when using "faxinfo" on the received tiff file and the fields are missing.  I believe I set the configuration correctly because the test machine running IAXmodem receives caller ID name and number just fine.  The production machine has HylaFAX+ 5.1.8 and Mainpine Octo+ fax card.  All calls come in a Sangoma A102 and faxes are forwarded to several FXS extensions that are connected to the Mainpine card.

Here's the log file from an actual received fax (obfuscated some fields):
Oct 04 22:38:07.97: [24929]: SESSION BEGIN 000001826 +12223334444
Oct 04 22:38:07.97: [24929]: HylaFAX (tm) Version 5.1.8
Oct 04 22:38:07.97: [24929]: <-- [4:ATA\r]
Oct 04 22:38:08.54: [24929]: --> [9:DATE=1004]
Oct 04 22:38:08.54: [24929]: --> [9:TIME=2238]
Oct 04 22:38:08.54: [24929]: --> [15:NMBR=4445556666]
Oct 04 22:38:08.54: [24929]: --> [20:NAME=Cheese P       ]
Oct 04 22:38:22.53: [24929]: --> [8:+F34:6,1]
Oct 04 22:38:22.53: [24929]: V.8 handshaking succeeded, V.34-Fax (SuperG3) capability enabled.
Oct 04 22:38:22.53: [24929]: Primary channel rate: 14400 bit/s, Control channel rate: 1200 bit/s.
Oct 04 22:38:22.53: [24929]: --> [7:CONNECT]
Oct 04 22:38:22.53: [24929]: ANSWER: FAX CONNECTION  DEVICE '/dev/ttyS2'
Oct 04 22:38:22.53: [24929]: STATE CHANGE: ANSWERING -> RECEIVING

Here's the minicom output when a cell phone called (obfuscated the phone number):
AT S7=45 S0=0 L1 V1 X4 &c1 E1 Q0
NAME=Cell Phone   CA

Finally, here's the relevant portion of the modem configuration:
ModemDialCmd:    ATDT8%s
ModemType:        Class1.0        # use this to supply a hint
ModemRate:    57600
Class1Cmd:     AT+FCLASS=1.0   # command to enter class 1.0
Class1EnableV34Cmd:  AT+F34=14,1,2  # 33600-2440 primary, 2400-1200 control
ModemFlowControl:    rtscts
ModemSetupDTRCmd:    AT&D3
Class1TMConnectDelay:    400
Class1HasRHConnectBug:    yes
# If your line supports Caller-ID, you may want to uncomment this...
ModemResetCmds:    AT+VCID=1
CallIDPattern:    "NMBR="
CallIDPattern:    "NAME="

JobReqBusy:    360
JobReqNoAnswer:    360
JobReqNoCarrier:    360

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