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[hylafax-users] How many faxes can Hylafax handle in it's queues?

I just wanted to check something. Are there any know issues with hylafax several thousand faxes in it's queues at one time? 

Currently we've been limiting hylafax to only about 100 faxes in it's queues at any given time but now we want to let it process all of the faxes it's self, so it's priority system can sort out priority faxes, and not limit how many we give it. Doing this we can easily pass Hylafax well over 5,000 faxes to process at a time. During those large fax runs we will be injecting high priority faxes that should move to the top of the queue.

Can Hylafax handle that many jobs in the queue or are we pushing it beyond it's abilities?

John Warren

Network Operations Administrator
Prudent Rx Inc.

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